[release] Sidewinder X6 MacroKeys on GNU/Linux

Posted by Konrad 'ktoso' Malawski on 28/07/2011 – 00:30;

I’ve released my keyboard event mapper for the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 in an quite usable state right now. Take a look at sidewinder-x6-linux-macro-key-events on github. Here’s a quick description what it does:

As the Sidewinder is an Microsoft keyboard, it obviously does all it can to not work at it’s full potential on GNU/Linux systems ;-) What my script does is watch for usb events, using usbmon, then it filters it searching for events from this keyboard, and then it filters out the discrete keystrokes for them. When such keystroke is found, we launch an bash script located in actions/S##.sh which can then do anything you want it to do – fire up intellij, or send keystrokes. I’d advice the second idea – use xdotool to send keyboard events, which you then map in Intellij or Netbeans or KDE/GNOME. Such keycode send looks like this:

xdotool key --clearmodifiers ctrl+shift+F1

That’s about it. I also wanted to thank some guys on github, who found my project and it really helped them out :-) Just to cite my fav email:

I’m amazed to see that somebody made this keyboard work under linux, I was beggining to lose hope. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback, it’s what keeps me going with opensourceing projects like this :-)

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