NetBeans Platform Certified Training Kraków 2010

Posted by Konrad 'ktoso' Malawski on 08/04/2010 – 22:53;

NetBeans Platform

Since Poznań JUG’s NetBeans Platform Training in January (yeah, the one where there was no place left for me ;-)), I’ve been in contact with Poznań JUGs Adam Dudczak, Polish JUG‘s Adrian Nowak, Sun’s Geertjan Wielenga and Eppleton’s Anton Epple and many more… And a little later Karol Harezlak joined the training team. We’ve been planing to organize an NetBeans Platform Training in Cracow – since there was really an gigantic response to the training. Now it’s April… and just around two weeks to the NetBeans Platform Certified Training Kraków 2010 ;-) All this could not have been possible if not the great help and support from both JUGs and an amazing amount of help we got from Glider from my University. Also I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone I’ve met during this long process of organizing such an meeting – you’ve all been a great help! :-)

Allright, so what’s this NetBeans Platform all about? To put it simply, it’s “something” (a platform ;-)) that allows you to use all the stuff you see when you do your daily coding in the NetBeans IDE and code up your own application really quickly. While WebFrameworks are really popular and there’s a ton of them, there is not much (worth mentioning) “Desktop App Frameworks” as one might call them. Such apps are then called Rich Client Applications (just a fancy name for “Desktop Apps” ;-)), which makes NBP an Rich Client Platform… You may have heard about “Eclipse RCP” or “SWT” or “Spring RCP” – they’re in the same legue as NBP. But why is NetBeans RCP more interesting than the rest? Well here’s a cupple of reasons I personally find important:

  • It’s all swing based, and as Java programmers – we know swing, not necesarrily some “SWT” or “Swing RPC” – right? Less totaly new stuff = better learning curve.
  • Your app gets an windowing system abstraction, file system abstraction,  lots of GUI elements out of the box – Tree’s etc
  • You can just extend NetBeans IDE or build your own app that looks like an IDE… or doesn’t look like one ;-)
  • It’s 100% modular – that means you can use just the stuff you want, or can easily exchange or “lookup” (important word in the NetBeans world) stuff in order to develop apps that can handle plugins and are easily extendible.
  • There are quite some inteligent and interesting opinions about NetBeans RCP vs Eclipse RCP on Adam Bien’s blog – (found this blogpost thanks to @timoreilly)

I find the Lexer Api quite interesting but didn’t have the time to really dive into it yet – basically it allows you to write programming language parsing, support into your app or netbeans IDE.
The most amazing… Hmm let’s say “the most visually amazing” app based on the NBP I’ve seen is Gephi (video below). There are lot’s of very complicated apps for biology or airlines and stuff) based on NBP, but let’s face it such apps don’t create an “WOW” effect, unless you totaly understand what’s going on inside of it.

Take a deep breath, and enjoy
NetBeans Platform + Gephi = Graph Awesomeness

All that said… I hope that the Training in Cracow will be a nice experience for every participant
see you there – 24+25 April 2010.

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